The Africa Private Equity (PE) News App is your one-stop source for PE and industry-related news from the continent, since 2014. With its multi-functionality, user-friendly design and updated features, it’s the only app you need to get all relevant information and news while working and investing in Africa.

This app is available for free download in your app store; iOS 9 – 11 and Android 4 – 8. Search for ‘Africa Private Equity News’ and join the more than 10,000 people globally who enjoy simple, easy access to industry news, African exchange rates, commodities prices, two handy internal rate of return (IRR) calculators and more.


This app gives you up-to-date, hand-picked African PE-related news, two unique IRR calculators (basic and advanced), African and global exchange rates on the go, commodities prices and intuitive, user-friendly functionality.


We source and curate relevant, reliable and timely news (both English and French) related to African PE news from trusted journalists, peers, industry bodies and other news outlets, so you have easy access to the news that’s important, all in one place. Share articles with friends and colleagues, read offline,
or save for later.


This convenient feature allows you to easily calculate any of three variables – investment period in years, times money back, and IRR – simply by inputting two known values. We have also added a new, more advanced version calculating realised IRR. It’s a must-have for any new analysts, or a quick double-check for the senior deal team.


Compare exchange rates of eight major African currencies, Euro, US Dollar and British Pound. All rates are benchmarked live against the US Dollar, with a helpful flip function when on the go. Live feed supplied by iress.


Daily prices on six major commodities: sugar, maize, wheat, soya, palm oil and Brent crude. Prices are pulled from reputable trading platforms, including the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), CIF Rotterdam and Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE).


Our users spoke, and we listened. The app has been updated with brand-new features, including:

  • Customisable push notifications
  • Device-specific article sharing options
  • Customisable news archive filters
  • Dramatically improved offline performance and availability
  • Cutting edge back-end development to keep the app small, with big functionality


Exchange rates

  • Thee major international and eight African currencies are listed, benchmarked against the US Dollar.

Latest news and updates

  • Our wide media reach, submitted press releases, industry-specific and other mainstream African media houses allow you to read the latest and current news articles posted by these firms and publications.
  • Subscribers can now share their favourite articles on an extended sharing platform – a feature that integrates with the native apps already installed on your device.
  • You can also share your firm’s press releases with our online team; mail us at editor@africaprivateequitynews.com
  • We have also added news archive filters to complement the existing search function, to help you choose and quickly find precisely what you are looking for.
  • Don’t have time to read the article now? Save it for later and when you are done, delete or share it with a colleague.

Push notifications

  • Set the timing for the delivery of your push notifications: instant, daily or weekly. You can specify time and time zone.

Improved offline performance

  • Your app will still work even when you do not have a WiFi connection or are in flight mode. The moment you are back online, just pull to refresh for quick, easy update of all the relevant news headlines and data you missed while offline.


  • No need to fill in an online profile, remember passwords and usernames, forever log in or out. All your preferences, including the articles you save, are stored on your phone.

What size is the app?

  • The new version takes less than 30 MB.

Which platform does the app run on?

  • The app runs on the iOS 9 – 11 and Android 4 – 8 platforms.