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Introducing our biggest update since 2017. We have expanded the news filters, archive, updated our social media sharing platform and redesigned the front end ‒ supported by the best, latest back-end technology and there is more to come...

Launched, built, managed, and curated in Africa, Africa Private Equity News is the #1 investment hub for the private equity, venture capital, and broader financial services industries in Africa.

Joined daily by hundreds of loyal Apple and Android users, Africa Private Equity News helps users network for investments and business opportunities, while staying on top of the latest industry news, trends, regulations, and research.

We are continuously working to improve our offering to our community.

New and improved features

  • We realise the huge benefits that this one of a kind user-friendly Africa-focused platform has. The editorial team WRITE and CURATE relevant, reliable, timely news and events sourced from trusted journalists, industry bodies, Africa firms, funds and fund managers.
  • MORE investment industry categories and filters to pick from across Africa.
  • UPGRADED article sharing platform that is quick and simple.
  • NOW HOSTING a large number of up to date local African currencies to track and benchmark against the US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, and United Arab Emirates Dirham.

...there is more

  • BASIC INTERNAL RATE OF RETURN (IRR) calculator calculates any of these three variables easily – investment period in years, times money back, and IRR – simply by inputting two known values. It’s a must-have for any new analysts, or a quick double-check support for the senior deal team.
  • ADVANCED IRR calculator, for more in-depth and accurate calculations of an investment’s realised or unrealised IRR.
  • IMPROVED offline performance and archive availability. Your app will still work even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or are in flight mode. The moment you are back online, just pull to refresh for a quick, easy update of all the relevant news headlines and data you missed while offline.
  • SAVE your personalised news filters on your device and extend time allocation for your ‘save for later’ articles. Create a once-off profile and gain full access to more valuable offerings.

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